Foam Roofing

Flashing With Foam Roofing Systems.

Flashing with traditional roofing materials is a difficult task. Unfortunately with older roofing methods, the joint between the roof and the protrusions will have seams, which are the main source of roof leaks.

Foam roofing systems don't have this flaw, due to their seamless, monolithic nature that prevents air and water infiltration; as well as the fact that they are 'self-flashing.' This means that they can be applied to adjoining vertical surfaces in a contiguous manner. Therefore there are no seams or cold joints to worry about.

These two diagrams are examples of how SPF can be applied in different flashing situations.

foam roofing flashing This diagram at left illustrates how to flash a pipe. The polyurethane foam and coating create a simple, but very effective watertight barrier where they meet the pipe.
This diagram at right is an example of a curb for rooftop air handling units. It is set up so that the sheet metal counter-flashing is sealed by the foam.
flashing foam roofing

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